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“Mobilegeddon” April 21 – Are You Sorted?

  Google has announced it is making a significant change to its search algorithm for ranking mobile search results. “Starting April 21, we will […]

Google Humming Bird Update

To celebrate Google’s 15th Birthday, Google launched their new “Humming Bird” algorithym claiming that Google search can be a more humane way to interact with users and provide a more direct answer.

McClay to consult on GST for online shopping

The government will be consulting on whether overseas purchases less than $400 should be taxed. This could increase online sales in New Zealand.

Click Monday to drive online retail

More of New Zealand Retailers are taking part in Click Monday where they willl list their deals on a central website.

Phone ‘blacklisting’ blocks thieves

With more and more people relying on mobile phones to hold their personal information it’s great to see increased security being offered by service providers.

Bennetts Group acquires Jasons Travel Media

With online marketing having replaced traditional print advertising in the past 10 years it will be interesting to see how in the coming months this business changes to meet the online market.

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