Top 5 tips for getting your website onto page one of a Google search!

When it comes to working on your Google ranking it's important to make sure that the basics and best practices have been completed first.

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search engine optimisation top 5 tips - Top 5 tips for getting your website onto page one of a Google search!

Google wants to rank websites with great content ahead of those with poor content.

Too often we find that businesses are not being given the best advice on how to improve their google ranking. They are being told to build a standalone site targeting one keyword or topic rather than making improvements on their existing website first.

Here are some basics that we suggest everyone should have:

  1. Metadata on every page which is well-written
  2. A site map that is up-to-date and has been submitted to Google
  3. Images that can be indexed by Google
  4. Google My Business listing is setup with accurate contact information, regular posts and photos.
  5. Blogging on your website with helpful industry related content.

So if you want help to get a better ranking on Google we know what to do to make it happen. Give us a call or contact us today!

As everyone knows, if you’re not on page one you’re not going to get a click!

This blog post is a great example of creating rich content to help drive traffic to our website!