Tai Roto Bay Beach VIllas website and logo design banner - Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas
Tai Roto Boay Beach Villas logo - Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas

Taking control of their online presence

This client originally approached us as Inano Beach Bungalows who provide self-catered beachfront accommodation in Aitutaki. As a business, they had an online presence via booking sites and a website and url which they did not own and could not gain access to.  

Wanting to take control of their digital presence, Web Revolution were brought on board to create an entirely new website, and establish the look for their new brand Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas.

Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas website design laptop - Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas
Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas Website Design Tablet - Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas

Showcasing Tai Roto Bay on a global stage

Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas needed a website to promote and market their beautiful beachfront accommodation to a global audience with the aim to increase direct bookings with a simple, user-friendly site. 

To this effect, the website offers promotions for booking direct.  While showcasing brightly coloured photos of their villas with private beach access, amenities and local activities help to educate and excite.  In addition, it was important to the client that the website explains their journey and values as a family owned business supporting their local community. We are proud to be a part of this journey.

Revisiting the brand

The client took this time to revisit their brand. With a new look for both the website and the accommodation, they decided on a completely fresh start by renaming the business as well. A local designer in the Cook Islands was initially engaged to produce a logo that did not meet client expectations, so we were asked to take over the project.

The client requested a black logo with an island tattoo style pattern in the shape of a wave. We constructed the wave using a variety of Polynesian symbols that represent the sea, such as waves, sea turtles, sharks teeth, fish scales, and a person (Enata) to represent the visitor surrounded by the sea. The client was ecstatic with the result.

Tai Roto Boay Beach Villas logo - Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas
Tai Roto Bay Business Cards - Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas

Attention-grabbing business cards

With a new name and logo, the client wanted a set of business cards designed. Reflecting the elegant simplicity of the website, the front consisted of simple black text with a brightly coloured photo of the beach . On the back the client specifically requested the new wave tattoo artwork with the website address in reverse on a black background. This creates a striking effect that grabs the attention of the recipient.

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