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Eziyaka Foundations are concrete foundation specialists providing simple yet innovative products that save time and labour when it comes to laying concrete foundations.

The Web Revolution team created a stand-alone website for the asbestos service provided by Conqra Enviro. Happy with that project, the Conqra team again approached us to redesign the main Conqra website which was outdated. Our brief was to lift the look and simplify the navigation.

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Including details vital to the purchasing decision

With the new look came the addition of essential purchasing information. The fact that Conqra products can be purchased at major New Zealand building merchants is vital to the purchasing decision. The old website was missing this information.

Other unique selling points were highlighted on the new website, alongside bright call to action buttons to encourage visitor engagement. The original tagline “A foundation for better building” was specifically requested by the client, and this is now prominently displayed on the homepage alongside the innovative products.

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