Being wedding photographers and videographers we knew having a strong online presence was important to our business. Our previous website was functional and did the job (we thought) but because it wasn’t ranked on Google no one could find it. Nor was it smart phone or tablet friendly. We were a pretty face hiding under a rock. 1f641 - The Team, Perspectives Photo + Cinema

Daniel and the team at Web Revolution firstly listened to who we were and what was important to us. They then sculptured our ideas into a website that actually works.

We now have a good looking website, that ranks very high on google for the keywords we care about. (Pretty much #1 !!!)
We now have a website that properly scales to mobile devices, which is 50% of our total traffic.
But bottom line. We’re making more $$$. We are booking 30-40% quicker than the previous year. And at a significantly higher average price.

The investment in Web Revolution was more than we initially expected, but it was 110% worth it (actually). They’ll definitely be getting more of our business in the future. For us, a strong website that’s the top of google has been the best use of our advertising dollar hands down.

We 100% recommend Web Revolution. They know what they’re doing and genuinely care about getting results for us too.

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Perspectives Photo + Cinema

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