Website Domain Registration

We can secure and manage website domains names including “” and “.com” domains. We recommend you protect your brands and company names by registering relevant internet domains. Call the team at Web Revolution and we will give full advice on what domains you need to own to ensure business protection and success.


When deciding on your domain it’s important that you get a domain that is easy to remember, easy to type and relates to your brand. We help you with selecting a domain by providing a range of options, if you already have a domain we will manage it for you so all of your email, website and domain etc. are in one place and you have one number to call.

Getting the correct domain for your business

Why should I buy the or any domain?

People and search engines take more seriously than any other top level extension in New Zealand. You’re going to look a lot more professional and in turn, get more credibility and sales.

Do I need additional domains?

The answer is yes, you will get more exposure for your business for the least amount of money. Search engines (SEO) file your page content within one domain name. If you have multiple domains, this multiplies the chance of having a surfer click on the link to your website.

If I have multiple domains do I need more than one website?

No. You can simply redirect natural type-in traffic from the new domain to your existing website. It’s a quick and simple process just change the name servers to point your existing website. We will gladly do this for you just give us a call.

Does this reduce the chance of competition?

Quite often people only remember the name of the company but not the name of the actual website. Having multiple domains centred around your name and business increases the chances of the traffic going to you and not the competition.

Do I need a new hosting account for the new domain?

No. We will set it up so it all works for you.

Can other people register a domain name with my registered trademark?

Generally they can as a trademark in New Zealand does not really prevent other people from using unregistered versions of your trademark for other legal or illegal reasons. A good example is, where someone else has used the Nissan name. Protect your brand with us today!

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