Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Auckland

Every website needs ongoing Search Engine Optimisation. Investing in your ranking within a Google Search will ensure a great return on your initial website investment. Without good SEO you will only be getting 10% of the market. Access the other 90% with good quality Search Engine Marketing.


Getting traffic is key to the success of any website. You need to be on page one of Google for your target keywords and that is where we come in. Let us get you to the TOP!

Search Engine Optimisation is all about driving more traffic to your website, you have an amazing website that is responsive and full of rich content, but if no one can find your website then it was all a waste of money.

We work with you to select a range of keyword phrases to target within your website, these become the focus keywords for our SEO. We have a range of plans to suit all budgets. Ideally you should be optimising your website every month.

WordPress offers some great tools for targeting keywords to increase your Google Ranking so you can get onto the first page! If your website is not built in WordPress, do not worry! We know how to use a large range of CMS systems such as Drupal, Joomla and CMS made Simple just to name a few.

Search Engine Optimisation Options- SEO

When it comes to SEO we use a range of different tools, below is a list of some of the ones we currently use:

  • Search Engine Optimising your websites code
  • Website copy/text rewriting based on targeted keywords.
  • Dedicated landing pages for key products or services.
  • Google AdWords linking to landing pages for high conversion of paid traffic and reduced AdWords costs.
  • Satellite website for a brand or offering that you have.
  • And lots more secret SEO tricks that we can’t tell you about on here!

Getting us to SEO your website

You don’t have to have a Web Revolution website to get our help, we can carry out SEO on almost any website. Or we can provide a detailed report for your Website Developer/Website Designer to follow when it comes to the best practices that are often not followed by other website designers.



Let’s get started!